Golf lessons
By a resident golf pro are offered by most of the golf booking services, and many of the courses.

Accommodation facilities are available near all the courses as classy golf resorts have come up all along the course routes. 

Choose a golf holiday company that offers you all services under one roof from car hire to golf bookings, hotel bookings, advice and information about the courses, difficulty levels, and golf lessons.
. There are also 5 star accommodation facilities available in hotels surrounding the golf courses. The by now famous names of some of the courses are Parque da Floresta, Palmares, Boavista, Penina, Morgado do Requengo, and many more. You can soak in the rich cultural life of Algarve and go exploring the historical monuments of the region. And as the Algarve area is rather compact, all of the area's golf courses are within easy driving distance from any point in the Algarve. 

The world-class tourist facilities, wonderful weather, excellent golf courses, superb beaches lashed by Mediterranean waters have turned the Algarve into a major tourist center in Europe. There are pictures, maps & detailed course descriptions on the golf sites.

Other Activities in a Golf Holiday
In Algarve, there is so much more to enjoy and explore when you are not playing golf. The region enjoys 300 days of glorious sunshine coupled with very pleasant weather.

Conduct an online research 
Check out all the option in terms of golf courses, tee times, costs, accommodation facilities and car hire. While these golf courses are very well renowned, there are plenty of courses to choose from throughout the Algarve. So take into consideration the following tips to enjoy a hassle free golf holiday in Algarve. Group bookings are always economical as there are discounts.The Algarve in Portugal is one of the most popular golf destinations in Europe.  

Book in advance: 
It helps you to weigh all your options and you get to play on the course of your choice. Most of these Lamination Glue are located in Eastern Algarve, and offer smaller, simpler courses.

There are so many top courses here in the Algarve; you will be spoilt for choice when you have to decide on a golf course among them. Tourists from the UK, Germany and Holland especially come to the region to enjoy days of winter golf away from the freezing conditions back home. Soak in the Mediterranean atmosphere: go shopping, savour the quaint countrysideand when the sun sets, go clubbing and party the night away in the wonderful nightlife of scene in Algarve. Given all this, it is only natural that the summer months see the highest number of golfers in Algarve and it is virtually impossible to find any tee times or accommodation during the peak season. The landscape of the Algarve countryside with rolling hills and rich pine woodlands makes the drives from course to course a lovely experience. There are even lessons for children. Also you can avail of the lower rates when you book early.
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